Why SEO Matters for Your Business

You’re most likely familiar with the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Marketing experts all over the world consider it to be a crucial factor in determining whether your business is easy to find online. That sure seems like a pretty big deal. But what does SEO actually mean and how can you use it to your advantage.

Let’s start off by talking about what SEO is. SEO refers to the combination of a wide range of tools and techniques used to ensure your website shows up on a search engine’s results page when someone searches for words, phrases, or topics mentioned on your website.

The easier it is to find your site, the heavier the traffic from search engines like Google and the greater chance someone becomes interested in your products or services. Optimizing your content to help users find timely, relevant, and useful information is the ultimate goal.

How Do I Improve My SEO? 

There are dozens of ways to boost your website’s visibility to search engines. Try out these simple tactics if you’re just becoming familiar with SEO:

  • Short and concise URL structure. Don’t confuse readers with URLs that are made up of random numbers and letters. It should be clear what the topic of a page is by glancing at a consistent URL structure implemented throughout the website.
  • Link Building. Focus on getting quality sites to link back to your content while also using your website to link to other sites that may be of use to your target audience.
  • Appropriate Keywords. Identify the keywords your audience uses to find your website by including them in titles, copy, URLs, and tags.
  • Meta Tags. This is a great way to provide search engines with information about what your website focuses on and offers to potential customers.
  • Contact Information. Make it simple for users to get in touch with you by listing your address, city, state, zip code, email, and phone number on each page of your website.
  • Business Listings. Update your business listings on major search engines as often as possible.

One More Thing….

If you’ve implemented some of the tactics discussed above, congratulations! You are helping more potential customers find your website. Now for the bad news. SEO isn’t everything. 

SEO gets the visitor to the door. It’s up to your site’s content to welcome and retain that visitor.

-John I. Jerkovic

Content is king for a reason. It plays a major role in determining whether people will keep coming back to your website. Yes, SEO can help bring people there, but if your website isn’t providing your audience with the value they are looking for, you may not see the results you expected. Be helpful. Offer solutions to problems your audience faces.

If you’re struggling with the idea of attracting customers with strong content they will want to read, take a look at my 4 Tips for Writing Copy that Converts.

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